mandag 1. oktober 2012

Been a while, right?

I guess it's about to get this one started again now that I've finally managed to get a grip on the fact I do have a job again, so there will no doubt be at least weekly content here from now on!


mandag 10. oktober 2011

Enough shall be enough!

So recently I have had several "discussions" with people about the latest Opeth album "Heritage" (actually it's not really discussions, it's more people raging at me for actually loving the album).

Sure if all you expected was another rewrite of Blackwater Park(which btw is one of the best "death metal" albums of all time) you where bound to be highly disappointed, I mean I wouldn't mind yet another masterpiece like Blackwater Park myself, honestly I was very sceptical myself when the first rumours about no growling on the entire album started to come out, but then I remembered Mikael actually has an awesome singing voice and some of their best songs have loads of clean vocal moments.

I kept hearing Opeth saying it was going to be very different, this really made me question things a lot while I was still waiting for the album, then they released the first teaser song from the album "The Devil's Orchard", and really this song blew me away, not because it was exceptionally heavy, more because it was exceptionally different for an Opeth song, and in the good way, it was like being in the 70's(or at least what I think it was like in the 70's). You can clearly hear the sound of Opeth there lurking throughout the song.

And this is why I love this album so much, it's completely not Opeth, but it is 100% Opeth, they have managed to do something so different from what they usually do and yet still manage to sound like themselves, there are some songs on this album that's like listening to a very dark and gloomy version of King Crimson, "Famine" from the album is a perfect example of the fact you can hear the darkness of Opeth in there along with the trippyness of the 70's prog rock. I love it, and I only wish more people would love it(mostly because I dont like being raged at for not sharing someones opinion).

So please people give this album a real try, and I mean like really sit down, turn of everything around you and just really really listen, dont skip songs, dont use it as background music, just listen to the whole album from beginning to end and I can almost promise you you'll end up loving it just as much as I do.

And to finish it all of, I still praise Opeth for daring to put out this masterpiece fully aware that it would piss at least half the fan base off something fierce.

Thats me finishing of for good on this subject, rock on boys and girls.


tirsdag 4. oktober 2011

So it's been a while.

Yeah I havent written much of anything lately, it's a fairly good reason for that though!

I have somewhat of a job! yes a J O B, once I get in the rythm of getting up early and not having all day free to do practically whatever I want whenever I want I'll get back to writing at least 2-3 updates about something horribly boring and insignificant a week.



mandag 19. september 2011

Good Times Bad Times!

Yeah I used a Led Zeppelin song as the title! Awesome huh? Oh yeah.

You know those days when you just feel like punching a wall or throwing something expensive into the wall? Yeah sure you do, we all do, we've all had those days, some of us more often then others, I am one of those who has quite a few of these days, though not punched a wall since I was 18 nor have I thrown anything at a wall for as long as I can remember.

However there is a cheaper and less painful way to calm yourself down or just just get your rage out in some more mature "socially accepted" manner. It's called metal! It's awesome for getting that anger sorted, it's even amazing for making you feel better on those generally bad days where you just dont feel like yourself, fuck balads or soft music, metal works wonders.

Anyways here is a short list of songs that always helps me out on those shitty days.

  • Pantera - 5 Minutes Alone
  • Pantera - Becoming
  • Pantera - Fucking Hostile
  • Pantera - Slaughtered
  • Pantera - I'm Broken
  • Deftones - My Own Summer
  • Soulfly - Bumbklaatt
  • Soulfly - Fire!
  • Eyehategod - Sisterfucker
  • Bloodbath - Mock The Cross
  • Bloodbath - Eaten
  • Devildriver - Back With a Vengeance
  • Devildriver - The Fury of Our Maker's Hand
  • Dimension Zero - He Who Shall Not Bleed
  • Down - Bury me in Smoke
  • Lamb of God - Black Label
  • Lamb of God - Redneck
  • Lamb of God - Set to Fail
  • Lamb of God - Broken Hands
  • Sepultura - Roots
  • Sepultura - Straighthate
  • Tool - The Pot
  • Tool - Stinkfist
  • Tool - Hooker With a Penis
  • Superjoint Ritual - Fuck your Enemy
  • Mastadon - Iron Tusk

This is not a best of metal list, this is simply the songs that makes those shitty days just that much better, they are all heavy hitting, fast paced and generally angry songs that makes your own anger or bad day feel just a little better without the pain of punching a wall or the cost of replacing that expensive thing you chucked at the wall.

That said when I think about it that does make for a pretty good everyday playlist as well. Fuck it, I'll actually put those on my phone today and listen to it when I go out!


søndag 18. september 2011

Opeth, Opeth, OPETH!

So it's here, it's out, it will divide us all and eventually conquer us!

So after a couple of months of copious amounts of both personal and other various incidents of bullshit and disappointments I was really looking forward to this release just to get my chin back up where it belongs. Does it deliver?


This album is so many things it's hard to even begin to describe it, it's not Opeth, but at the same time it is Opeth, it has amazing songwriting, just as you've come to expect from Mikael Åkerfeldt, it has the usual prog rock element that made Opeth what Opeth is, however it is missing the death metal aspect, there is still a subtle hint of metal lurking beneath the sounds of this album but they never emerges beyond subtle hints. Loads of people will hate this album for that reason alone, me however love this album for exactly that reason, dont get me wrong I absolutely love Opeth and have done so for a while, Ghost Reveries and Blackwater Park is 2 of my all time favourite albums. It's just so refreshing to see a band able to take such a drastic step beyond what the fans have become used to and actually even expect, I love a band that actually dares to make an album for their own sake.

This album is very prog, it's incredibly prog, it's one of those albums you simply have to listen to properly, it's not a background album, it's a "turn of everything else, lock the doors, I do not want to be disturbed" kind of album, it also demands of you that you start from the beginning and listen through the whole album, it's like a story, if you skip something you wont understand whats currently going on. It's such a strong album in so many ways, not just musically, but it shows that Opeth still have the balls to do exactly what they want.

Musically it's as I said what you've come to expect from Opeth, it's quality from beginning to end, it has lots of groove, it has lots of spaced out moments, really it's just propper 70's prog, it really sounds like they are actually truly enjoying themselves and loving what they are doing, the end result is just one great album that will probably be Opeth's most controversial album yet, this will split the fan base, there is no doubt about it, if you are one of those Opeth fans who hates this album please just shut out everything else for an hour or so and listen to this album and I can almost guarantee you you'll come to love it just as much as I do.

Did this album get my chin up? Yes absolutely, everytime I put it on I just shut my eyes and space out and think about nothing but the music. It's an AMAZING album, it's an important album for Opeth.

Recomended songs: Hard to recomend a song when you kinda have to listen to the whole album.


Worship the music!

Or just Worship Music. 

So one of the pioneers within the Trash Metal scene just came out with a new album, yes I'm talking about one of the "Big Four" here, namely Anthrax.

So does these "old" metalheads still manage or are they over the top?

Easy answer to an easy question, they still manage and then some, with Joey Belladonna back on vocals and the majority of the "Among the Living" lineup they deliver what I consider one of the best releases of this year.

It's not a reinvention of anything here, which is good, it's pure old school trash metal, it has the riffs, it has the guitar solos it has good vocal performances that makes your hair fall off at times. It might not be an instant classic album, but it's a damn good album nonetheless, it doesn't hold back, with the exception of the intro and the two "intermissions" it keeps the pace and intensity all through the entire album.

Not much else to be said about this album really, except: GET IT, BECAUSE IT'S WORTH IT!

Exceptional songs: Fight 'Em Til you Can't and The Constant(best riff of the year?)

PS: If you have the chance go check 'em out live they're currently on tour!


Lazy lazy!

Yes I've been incredibly lazy lately, as in beyond whats good for you!

Anywhos, I'll be writing alot within in the next few hours, because a lot of cool things has happened lately, like the new Anthrax album and the new Opeth album, I'll be going into details about both of these tonight I just need to get through them both a few more times, but all I can say it's a good time to be a metal head!