torsdag 8. september 2011

It's almost time!

So the day is almost here! 12 short days, only 12 short days!

I only wish everyone knew what I was talking about, but yeah for those that dont, it's only 12 more days til "Opeth" releases their 10th studio album "Heritage", this is probably the one album along with "Down's" new album (which I hope is this year) I am looking forward to the most this year. We all know Opeth always delivers freakin' amazing albums, even the weaker albums are good. It's just one of those bands that doesn't seem to know how to make a bad album. And I'm getting to see them live for the first time in December! This is really turning out to be a good year for music.

On the album itself there ain't much to say yet, I know it's been leaked already but this is one of those albums I wont listen to until I can put the CD in my player and crank up the volume, except for the one song they have already put out themselves as a teaser. That song though is simply put deadly, it doesn't sound like Opeth at all but at the same time it sounds exactly like Opeth, it has an amazing 70's prog rock feel to it, kinda King Crimson(ish) with the Opeth touch. I't quite clear they always chose to go their own ways and make music they want to make. Some fans might be put off by the song and sound, some fans might even be put off by the fact Mikael wont be growling at all on this record. I'm as you can see one of those that doesn't care, the song made me look forward to this album even more, and Mikael has a really good clean voice as well, we have heard him sing clean several times before.

On that note, be at your local dealer September 20th and pick up your copy, this album is going to kick ass and you really dont want to miss out!


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