onsdag 7. september 2011


So the Trondheim based metal band "Torch" released their new album "Pt.IV: The new Beginning" the 26th of august, and since my head doesn't quite work like it should (I actually dont think it's there most of the time) this release went way over my head and I totally missed it. But guess what? It's not black metal, no really I'm not joking it's totally not black metal!

Anyways enough of this bullshit and beating around the bush, lets get back to whats important, talking about music, namely metal!

So since I'm pretty much flat broke most of the time I could unfortunatly not go out and buy this record and put it into my CD player like you should, so I'm stuck using my Wimp account (which I actually pay for). So I hit play on the first song of this album, I can say without a doubt they aren't holding back, it's straight on to the good stuff here, the sound is nice it packs a punch, maybe not a five finger death punch (see what I did there? har har), no seriously it's right in your face from the very first second. I like it immediatly, it's not like amazing, but it's really catchy and good (you'd understand why I dont think it's amazing if you knew what I normally listen to).

The vocals ain't exactly one of a kind, you've heard the same kind of vocals a few times since the birth of "nu-metal" in the mid/late 90's, but they work and do the job well enough. Then something wierd happens halfway through the first song, the vocals goes really soft like, DO NOT LIKE (normally), however it works very well for this band, it's fitting and catchy, maybe I get to listen to metal at one our parties now? Please?

This is very much the same all through the album, mix between clean and screamy vocals, the riffs and sound remains in your face all through the album as well(well they could have spared me the balad but hey), it might not be the album I'll put on when I'm just going to sit down and listen to music, but it's a good album to have one while doing stuff.

The album itself is kinda acessible metal I'd say, not in the bad way, for this band they have managed to do their own thing and still not be to far out there that people will look at you weird when you ask for a song at the poker party you're having (yes people look at you crooked when you want to hear Eyehategod's Sisterfucker). Overall a very good and solid album that I'd recomend to anyone who likes metal.

Songs to check out: Hard to say, if you like one you like them all, but if I was to chose just one it'll be Phase Reverse.

On that note, I'm going to see these guys live at Blæst in Trondheim the 7th of October, and I suggest you check out their homepage to see if they are coming to a town near you and go listen.

Cant find you a shiny youtube link to put here so tough luck!


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