onsdag 7. september 2011

Eyehategod @ Hellfest 2011!

So yeah, this is something I'd really like to talk about because it's a fuckin' kick ass band that put on a kick as show this summer at Hellfest.

Due to economical reason I could'nt actually be there myself, you have no idea how much I actually wanted to, it still makes me want to rip out all my hair because I missed Hellfest 2011, so many awesome band attended that festival this year. Lucky for me Hellfest is actually providing streams from one of their stages so I actually at least get to see some of the shows I wanted to see.

So tonight I'll talk about the New Orleans based sludge band Eyehategod's show.

Eyehategod, at least in my opinion, always puts on great shows, they are solid and fucking amazing and always stick to what they do best, Southern slow as hell dirty sludge, oh how I love sludge!

The shows starts of like any other Eyehategod show, somewhat spacy and lots of noise before they go into the first song, first song in this case being "Blank", which is what you expect from anything by Eyehategod, it's slow, it's sludge, it's like some metal moster being dragged through the swamps of new Orleans.

They immediatly go into the next song "Story of The Eye" which is even better then the first one, you just want to go absolutely mental (well I do) and headbang like you've never done before. They keep the show going with "White N****r" (no it's not a racist song) it's just as good as the album version, actually better, Eyehategod is meant to be played and enjoyed live, the generic heavilly distorted blues riffs Bower and Patton manages to produce is just ripping. They go from the classic song to their new song "New Orleans is the New Vietnam" and I must say they havent lost their touch, they still manage to produce their trademark music, these guys really dont even try to make something for the masses, I love it, they stay true to their style and their incredibly loyal fans.

They end the show with a near perfect version of "Sisterfucker" and "30$ Bag", the only downside to this show was the fact that I wasnt there, and I hate myself for that.

Mike IX, Jimmy Bower, Brian Patton, Gary Mader and Joe LaCaze definatly know how to put out some amazing sludge metal. It might not be technically awesome, but to be perfectly honest technically complicated music does not = good music, we all know good music is what makes YOU feel good and thats all there is to it. Dont get me wrong I love bands like Tool, Dream Theater(at least some of it) you know the really technical bands.

Anyways this was an amazing show and I wish I could have been there, instead I had to watch a recording of it(good quality mind you).

Check it out for yourself!

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Xaviez sa...

Awesome, how have I missed out on this band, must be cos they're not on spotify (bar like 1 song) ><

Exera sa...

Weird that they aint on Spotify, all their albums including rereleases is on wimp :P

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