tirsdag 6. september 2011

The Hate Colony!

I suppose as a first "review" for my oh so not amazing blog it is quite fitting to talk about a local band that goes under the name "The Hate Colony" who released their debut album "Dead or Victorious" on Friday September 2nd.

My first thoughts about this band is that it's refreshing to hear some more metal come out from Norway thats not actually black metal. So needless to say I was actually fairly exited to sit down and listen to this album, yeah I'm no fan of black metal AT ALL, but I am a huge fan of various other types of metal like everyone should be!

So after I hit play on the first song "Cornered" it's clear to me they dont intend to hold back, the riff is tight and fast and actually quite good. However it doesn't take long before I realize that their sound is really thin, I was expecting the song to explode into a heavier more in your face guitar sound, but it never happened, it's just a really "wimpy" sound on everything. It's not bad, not at all, musically it's good, it has a good groove, it has melody, it has good vocals it just doesn't have that powerful sound that makes me want to go crazy.

Going through the rest of the album it's the same for every song, it's just not heavy, it's not that they aren't trying, and with a slightly deeper sound this would have been a kick ass metal album, they have the riffs, they have the passion, they have the knowhow it's just missing that little extra. They are however AMAZING live, like really kick ass!

In short "The Hate Colony" ain't inventing the wheel all over again here, it's not something thats not been done before, it's been done worse and it's been done better. Not a bad album just missing that little extra I look for(yes I'm fucking nit picking here, but thats what picky people do). If you're into like American metal core with a touch of Swedish melodic death metal you'd definatly want to go and BUY this record. 

Songs to definatly check out: Your Murder Scene and Diggin' Deeper


And yes I write like a spazz, give me a few months and I'll get better mkay?

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